Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Panic, Yet

Today, the weather in Nice is 58 degrees with a high of 63 expected for Monday. With 26 days remaining before wheels up, the threat of a strike at British Airways is still a possibility. We did purchase trip insurance; this basically means lots of time spent trying to decipher the language of the contract to determine if they can actually weasel out of providing any benefits in the event we have travel problems. I did discover if we get thrown in jail, the insurance company will assist in providing bail money! Generous as they might be, this means they would collect money from our friends and relatives and then send it to wherever we are. So, before we leave, please provide contact information and the amount you would be willing to contribute just in case.

We do have a couple of options for alternative travel if BA fails. One option is to purchase fully refundable tickets on a separate carrier (pretty expensive) or, if BA does strike then do some last minute panic buying. I did spend some time researching the options getting from London to Nice since there is a good possibility we can still get to London on BA. A last resort is to take the Eurostar train from London to Nice (don't tell Barb this would involve going through the Chunnell) then a train to Nice, This is a bit more complicated than walking across the terminal to catch our connecting flight in Heathrow since it involves taking the London tube to the train station then the train to Paris, then the Paris subway to the proper departing station, then transferring in Toulon to Nice. Provided we can make all the connections, we would arrive in Nice about 6 hours later than originally planned. But, the Princess is confident the BA flight attendants will wait until we are in Nice to go on strike. Did I note that the last possible day for them to strike is the day we depart?

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