Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today we strolled down the beach, round trip about 10 miles, stopping to have lunch midway. Although it is a bit windy, there are many people on the beach sunbathing, and the younger generation occasionally in the water. We found the mummy woman still on the beach, but in a different location from our last trip. Not sure if she moved, or the municipale workers relocated her. People here like the sun, it is pretty amazing to see so many people in bathing suits on the windy beach (some with only partial bathing suits) in early April when the temperatures are just about 60.
I am still trying to find the right grind of coffee, the coffee in the apartment when we arrived is a very fine grind suitable for espresso, but the coffee maker is a French press which requires a coarse grind; we found a torrefacteur (coffee merchant) and bought a 250 gram bag of coffee doing our best to explain that we wanted a coarse grind, the nice clerk then proceeded to grind the coffee fine. Today, I went back and asked for another bag of coffee, 'morcellement brut, (coarse grind), I got a bag of beans. Now I am looking for a coffee grinder so I can grind it myself.
Today being Good Friday, the local Catholic Church, no not the one next to our apartment, but the bigger church two blocks away staged a procession up the rue Crossetti, complete with lights, loudspeakers and the choir. Quite interesting, but more people were in the local pubs and eateries. Tomorrow we may visit Menton, reputed to have the best climate in the Riviera, and the only place warm enough to grow citrus crops.

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