Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rosas Cooking Class

Yesterday we met Rosa at the market to buy the items for our cooking class. We learned a bit about the local produce and not to buy items from Spain since they are heavily sprayed with pesticides. The spice market was magnificent, every spice imaginable is available in bulk form, because of the low humidity in Nice it is displayed in open boxes, something that you could not do in Seattle. Miz Barbara tied on an apron and proceeded to prepare fresh pissaladiere, a sweet onion tart with anchovies that is a favorite Nicois street food, plus semi-salted cod with pot roasted potatoes and garlic, for desert a lemon souffle. We had a very nice time, Rosa's assistant is from Mexico City, we learned she knows our friends in Aguas Calientes, very small world!
In the afternoon, we hiked up to the cemetery on the hill above Nice, then over to the old citadel, the views of Nice the surrounding hills, the Alps, and of course the beaches are breathtaking. After a nice long walk along the beach, we returned to our apartment five floors up. The city comes alive about 8:00 PM, we strolled the streets and discovered a couple of bars with live music, one place was playing 'These boots are made for walking' by Nancy Sinatra, lots of young people were rocking out to the music, who I am sure were not born when the song first came out in the 70's.
Today we are taking the train to Biot, a local glass and pottery center, the train will get us within 2 1/2 miles, then we walk.

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