Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Success, un moulin cafe!

We found a coffee grinder! After a week of searching, we actually found several grinders in a local herb store that sells salts, peppers, herbs, and grinders for all of these. Unfortunately the grinders are on the expensive side, so the search continues. We took a nice stroll to the Port area, looked at the expensive yachts, and felt sorry for the folks with the big expensive yachts that are devastated when a bigger boat comes into the harbor. My guess is size matters when showing off your yacht. We have walked the rue's (streets) enough to really know our way around this city, the narrow lanes are fun, full of people, restaurants and shops on every corner and 10 paces in between. Today, we took an empty wine bottle to the cave (wine cellar)and had them fill the bottle with the local red table wine, Barb of course took photos of the event. Here I am trying to fit in like a local, speak the language, and out comes the tourist camera; I might as well be wearing lederhosen and march down the rue with two alpenstocks in unison with dozens of like minded people!
Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so we thought about taking the train and a bus to La Turbie, a small village above Monaco reputed to have fantastic views, but then if it is raining, how can the view be any good? La Turbie is on the grand corniche road that was originally part of the main Roman road, it has a monument built in 6 BC by the Emperor Augustus to celebrate conquering the area. Other that, not much history.
So, with the entire area experiencing light rain, my guess is tomorrow is another shopping day, starting with lousy coffee since we have no grinder. Oh, ma qualite, ce qui font? Barb misses Bob's espresso, out of desperation, we had to walk to the square and get an espresso from Fenocchio's this evening. Bob, could you deliver some espresso until we find a grinder, or any relatives here in Nice? Italian coffee would be nice in Nice.

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  1. The picture of you having the bottle refilled is great! The one of you in lederhosen would be better :)