Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My side of the story.....

If you read the below post of Michael's, then you see his love of history were as I look at the more human side of our adventures.

He makes the A8 Autoroute sound so great.......

We were in a car no larger than a large stroller......I was in charge of the 20' x 20' folding map (which is now shredded). As we are driving along at over 80 mph going in and out of traffic, he wants to know 'where are we!' Then we drive through the cities on these tiny roads and he wants to know where to turn! Meanwhile, its my job to tell him where we are, where we need to turn, if a car is entering from the right (they have the right away, priote au droite) if there is a light ahead so he knows whether to stop or not! I packed light for this little road trip but should have left everything at the apt except for wine......did I mention the man learned to drive a 3 speed on a DeSoto (HONESTLY)!!! I use to own a Miata which I'm sure shifts much like this small stroller we were in....I tried (nicely) to explain to him that you gently place the car into gear and that jamming it hard into gear even the right one, does not work......I'm surprised our transmission was still with us!

Then he decided to take a "scenic" drive through Cannes.....all I remember was all the honking when he ran the red light!

I find that French has not been that difficult to learn. Warning, when I return home I may be cheek kissing everyone and saying Bonjour for a few days! I'll try to adjust.

Yes, we have both had our moments being together ALL THE TIME and work sounds nice at times....well maybe once or twice, maybe after I tan a while longer on the veranda overlooking the Meditteranean and watching the boats and sunbathers while Michael prepares lunch....I may feel a bit different about it!

I understand that the volcano erupted again. I guess it's another sign that we may be stuck here for a while even though we have managed the British Airways Strike and the SCNF Train strike (being stuck in Monaco wasn't a bad place to be stuck!)

I have bought so many things here that I will be leaving my clothes for the homeless so I have room for my treasures!


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  1. Wow Barbie, sounds amazing!! I am so jealous! Although, the spending so much time with the hubby would definitely be a challenge! Ah but we all have make sacrifices, right? Take care and see you soon! MISS YOU!!