Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost, almost there

We arrived in London this afternoon after a delayed, grueling 10 hour flight in pretzel seats. Honestly, I don't believe the seat designers have ever sat in one of these torture devices; perhaps their ancestors were somehow involved in the Inquisition, where the designs of torture implements were passed down from generation to generation. British Airways provided a hotel and food since our original connecting flight was canceled. The hotel is 100 feet from the runway so there is a nice view of many aircraft landing, and the smell of burning rubber is omnipresent since the touchdown zone is also right in front of the hotel. The food is typically British, I never realized you could actually harm green beans but somehow they managed; the pasta with a cream sauce was almost marginal, I think the cheese had a flour base of some sort.
Tomorrow we take off on short flight to Nice where we are going to meet our host at Fenocchio's, described as the best ice cream in all of France. Hope is in the air!

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