Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How do we appease the travel gods

British Airways is on strike, both sides are publishing wildly different statements of the impact on the airline, but it appears BA is getting about 60% of passengers to their destination. We continue to watch the news, and the BA website for the latest. Gordon Brown, and his Labour government are under pressure from the Tories to resolve the dispute, it is worthwhile to note the Labour government gets substantial donations from the flight attendants union, Unite; of course an election is coming soon so lots of political squabbling also happening. We still have our our back-up plan to use Icelandair just in case. Did I mention a volcano is erupting in Iceland which has diverted flights? What else can happen? This morning we are planning to visit our favorite Indian/Pakistani restaurant in Renton, Naan & Curry. Just discovered the restaurant is closed for kitchen upgrades until March 28. So, no Naan & Curry, unless our trip completely falls apart. As I recall, Hermes is the god of travel, but also the god of animal husbandry,(Cattle-herders; Shepherds; Goatherds; Horse & mule breeders; Grazing pastures; Cave shelters; Guard-dogs; Animal predators, and also the god of thievery,(Thieves; Cattle-rustlers; Bandits; Crafty thoughts).
Maybe if we appeal to Hermes, then he will assist us with our travels or at least provide crafty thoughts to find alternative options.....

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