Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We need a vacation!

Dateline: Austin Texas. 15 days and counting until we are supposed to depart. British Airways and the flight attendants union continue to bicker, meanwhile, the rail workers are threatening to strike (one of our back-up options)and the people in Greece are really mad because they have no money and the government is going broke. Not that the events in Greece will affect our trip to France, but then anything is possible. Good thing there is no negative news about possible terrorists embedded in British Airways planning suicide missions in the event of a strike. We continue to watch the news and British Airways information with high hopes and low expectations. Just in case, we may purchase back-up tickets on Icelandair which will get us from Seattle to Paris if British implodes. But then of course we might get stuck in Reykjavik on the way to Paris. If we do get stuck in Iceland that would be an opportunity to sample their delicacy made from rotted shark meat, and then visit a geothermal spring which I understand is close to being on a beach in sunny Southern France. Stay tuned.

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