Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hermes, a little favor sil vous plait

The clock is ticking with just four days left before we are supposed to depart. British Airways and the union are still arguing over who won round one of the strike, round two is scheduled to start the same day we leave. I did read a quote for the union leader urging BA to settle the strike since the passengers are suffering, now, as I recall, the union is responsible for the strike! If they are so concerned about the passengers, then they need to go back to work. While our backup carrier, Icelandair, had some difficulties over the weekend with the volcano erupting, they also have a mechanics strike going on, so maybe we should take a boat to Nice from NY, I think iceberg season is over so maybe that will be a good option. Of course, by the time we get there it would be time to return. Barbara is convinced we will be able to fly BA on the original schedule, but just in case I pulled out some maps on London in case we get stuck there. We still need to visit Greenwich, Temple Church and spend a bit more time in The British museum. Provided the Underground is running again from the airport to central London. sigh

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